Monday, 26 December 2016

Nadula Brazilian Curly Hair Review

Nadula Brazilian Curly Hair 3 Pack Bundle - 10, 12, & 14 Inch.

Purchasing any products online is a risk, so when it came to purchasing my weave I was a bit worried, not sure if what is shown in the picture would be the same thing I receive, with anything purchases  I make online I tend to read all reviews on the website and also on You Tube.

But I must say the Nadula Brazilian Curly was a great buy, the hair felt soft and it did not have any foul odor with minimal to no shedding . I purchase it from amazon which cost me around $280.00 EC dollars (Eastern Caribbean Dollars), this was due to the fact that I had someone (my co worker family member) purchase it for me, so a fee was charged. It is still cheaper for me to have someone purchase it for me online or I purchase for myself when I do my yearly shopping online, (Since the cost for 1 bundles may cost around $150.00 EC from our local Beauty Stores).

The hair is low maintenance I normally spray water, leaving Hair Conditioner from Creme of Nature and I also use Soft N Free Curl Activator.

I used almost the 3 Bundles purchase in my hair.

I look forward to make another purchase from this brand with the Brazilian Straight Weave, hope it is as same quality as the Curly Hair.